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Wednesday, March 25, 2020

What Is TCC (The Champ Coin) And Why to Invest Your Money on TCC

What Is TCC (The Champ coin) App For?
TCC App Is The Biggest And Safest Wallet For Bit coin And Champ coin . Any One Can Place His / Her Bit coin And Champ coin In TCC Wallet.

TCC Is Highly Secured Wallet In Which Many Security Parameters Like : 6 Digit Pin Verification , OTP Verification And Anti Hack Technology Used.

In TCC App You Can Also Buy / Sell The Champ coin From Bit coin.

Work Plan of the Champ coin Crypto (TCC)

TCC Is Basically A Crypto Currency Which Uses Po's+POW Technology.

Total Coins: 500 Million Approx

Po's Coins Are: 200 Million Coins

Pow Coins: 300 Million Appx

Premined Coins Are 200 Millions And Rest Of The 300 Million Will Be Mined In Next 5 Years. Last Year Of Mining Will After 5 Years Of Launching.

How to Trade TCC 

TCC Can Be Traded on TCC App (Link Given Below) In Which User Can Buy / Sell TCC Through Bit coins. TCC App Is Wallet As well As Trading Source of TCC (The Champ coin).

• Any One Can Buy or Sell TCC through TCC App.

• To Buy TCC: Signup On App -> Go to Buy TCC - Place Bid Of Buy And Done.

• To Sell TCC: Go to Sell Option -> Place Bid of Sell and You Can Withdraw Sold Bit coins To Any Other Bit coins Wallet Address.

How Trading Works 

• Price Of TCC Will Totally Depends On Buyer And Seller . We Don’t Have Any Control On Price Of TCC. Price Of TCC Will Be Depend On Market Only.

• Trading Of TCC Will Be Done Via Bit coins Only

• If Anyone Sells TCC Then He Will Get Bit coins And If Anyone Buys TCC Then He Should Have Bit coins To Buy TCC.

• TCC Trading Don’t Have Any Concern With Any Other Currencies Like: USD / EURO , Etc. Trading Will Be Done Between TCC And Bit coins Only.

This App Is Bit coin And TCC ( Champ coin ) Wallet And You Can Also Do Trade Of TCC To Bit coin And Bit coin To TCC From This App.

Buying TCC Process 

• User Can Send His / Her Bit coins In TCC App via Send / Receive BTC Option. TCC App Is Also A Bit coin Wallet and Once User Have Bit coins In His Bit coin Wallet of TCC App Then User Can Directly Purchase TCC through Bit coins.

• After Having Bit coins User Place His Buy Bid to Buy TCC in TCC App.

• As Any Seller Meets His Buying Bid Then He Will Get TCC Immediately.

Selling TCC Process 

• To Sell TCC User Place Sell Bid And As Buyer Meets His Sell Bid Then His TCC Will Be Sold Immediately.

• After Selling TCC He Can Withdraw His BTC into His Bit coin Wallet Address. User Has To Enter His Bit coin Wallet Address And As He Withdraw His Bit coins, His Bit coins Will Be Sent To Entered Address Immediately.

Send / Receive TCC

• Sending And Receiving TCC Is Very Simple Through TCC App. User Have To Enter Enter TCC Wallet Address Where He Is Sending / Receiving TCC.

This App Is Bit coin And TCC ( Champ coin ) Wallet And You Can Also Do Trade Of TCC To Bit coin And Bit coin To TCC From This App.


If You Need More Information -Or- Want to Buy Tcc So Then Contact Me on My Whatsapp+919041264506

Why to Invest Your Money on TCC?
Current Time Is a Golden Are for Crypto Currency

According To Many Surveys and Records Crypto Currency Industry Will Be Biggest Market Of World Till 2020

Just Check Past 8 Year Journey Of Bit coin You Will Get An Idea About Crypto Currencies Future

Tcc Is the Upcoming King of Crypto Currency

Buy As Much As Possible For You Because In Next 5 Years Those Who Are Having Tcc They Will Be Billionaire

Invest Your Money on Tcc Because

If You Put Your Money in Bank Funds They Will Give You Just 7-8℅ Return

If You Put Your Money on Equity Share Market Mutual Funds You Will Get 12-15℅ Yearly Return

Tcc Will Give You 18℅ Yearly Return + 5℅ Extra Return If You Make An Fad Of Tcc For 1 Year Means Total 23% Yearly Return*

Current Rate of Tcc Around 20

After 1 Year Minimum Rate Expected 1000

That Means Your Capital Grow By 50+ Times

Minimum Tcc Rate Expected after 5 Year ₹100000

That Means Your Money Grow 50000 Times 

You Can Easily Exchange Your Tcc Any Time Into Btc On Tcc Exchange

Tcc Having 5 Lakh+ Users Base Which Is Growing Tremendously 

Tcc Market Will Come Very Soon Where Thousands Of Merchants Will Accept Tcc

So Guys Secure Your Future with Tcc

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